A Message From The CEO - Shelby Robinson


Herganics Beauty is a beauty and wellness brand for women, offering weight management products with all-natural ingredients to enhance HER beauty & health from the inside out.  We’re more than a product, but also a brand that promotes self-love while enjoying your journey to better-body results!

Founder and CEO, Shelby Robinson, has over 10 years of experience as a professional women’s health coach and gym owner (FXS Body Factory).

Shelby’s background in health, nutrition, and fitness led her to create an all-natural beauty and wellness product of her own, Daily Lipo Tea!  

After selling nutrition products for other companies, and gaining hands-on experience with the female body by using them as a canvas to create impeccable fat-loss results via nutrition & fitness – Shelby understands what women want! She also observed an overwhelming amount of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and body negativity in many of her members before obtaining results. Hence, Herganics having a strong self-love message behind its products in efforts to increase body positivity, no matter where a woman is on her beauty and wellness journey. 

The idea of Herganics arrived while Shelby was grieving the loss of an ex-boyfriend and soul friend in 2018, which was the hardest experience she ever encountered.  She received a message from him in spirit and in a very bazar manner.  It came in the form of an email from him dated 5 days after his death.  After opening the email in suspicion and fear, there was a link and she decided to click on it.  There lied an article that instantly inspired her to begin her career next steps to create a product.  After calling her best friend to confirm what she was witnessing, the email was gone and nowhere to be found. That was God’s work, and so is Herganics Beauty!